But Mom.. it’s my life

I believe when this is uttered out of any child’s mouth, it’s regarding going to the park, going on a date, choosing to go to college, the amount of alcohol one consumes or in defense of sitting on the couch all day while the parents still pamper these CHILDREN.

But what happens when both mother and child are adults.. well then, you get me. I am the sum of every child being raised by a single mother stereotype. I love my mother. I love her so much, that I have put myself in a position that those words “I’m a grown woman mom, if I want to sleep in until noon on a Saturday after a long week of work, damn it I’m gonna” (did I mention I do not live with her??) are a thought EVERY Saturday. I have put myself in a position for so long, that reality in that woman’s brain has become warped and I do not know that the truth will ever be known. She’s SO good, sometimes I have to do a retake on my memory to make sure it didn’t happen just the way she has shared with the entire town.

Funny thing is, I’m the oldest of 4. And I am the only one that jumps everytime she needs anything. I am the only one willing to go through the nonsensical drama, sometimes multiple time because she doesn’t remember tormenting me two times before. All of my siblings joke at the fact that I am the one always “taking one for the team”.

My mother has bent over backwards for us, she made growing up without a father memorable. She out-did herself on so many occasions. Problem is, we (I) am reminded of EVERY SINGLE TIME. Not so much while growing up, but now that us kids are grown, I have to wonder if she forgets she already guilted me for that, on a few occasions.

I love my mom. She has been such an incredible parent. I just wish.. she’d let go alittle bit. Just enough so that I can take the chances that I know will make her proud. After all, I am her daughter.


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