Face to Face with Procrastination

Beautiful picture, right? It was raining cats and dogs 5 minutes prior to taking this photo. The water was colder than normal, as was the air’s temperature. But damn it, I was going to go swimming even if it meant death by lightning bolt (yes I played this scenario out in my head 50 times before putting my pinky toe in the water). You could not keep me from getting in the river. No way no how. Why?

Because I’m moving, in two weeks. And need to pack because I have not put one thing in one box. Not one. And it’s not an easy pack either.. I have an entire household, including my teenage son and my 5 (yes 5) animals, 6 if you include my albino gecko, that I need to get packed, moved, and situated by September 1st, OUT OF STATE. It’s not like I can simply fill my back seat multiple times and borrow someone’s truck because I am going a few blocks over. No, I am going 7 hours away.

So what did I do all weekend? I went swimming both days, Saturday and Sunday. That my friends, is procrastination if I’ve ever experienced it. I haven’t went swimming all summer. But low and behold, two weeks before I leave, what do I do? I spend the ENTIRE weekend doing everything except what I need to. Ugh.

It’s not as if I am not looking forward to it. Yes I am stressed, but relieved that the beach is only 4 minutes from my new humble abode, I am a water person. I look forward to skipping the Pennsylvania winter and settling for 40°F weather. Yes I am looking forward to being around intelligent people that know what a hard days work consists of. Yes I am looking forward to maybe meeting the love of my life.

But.. it’s work. And with work, for me, comes procrastination. I certainly could use a moving fairy or two. Even my teenage son is procrastinating. Like mother like son.


Oh, and much ❤


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