Kali Jo Davis

My wish for society? That every human being alive would have that profound moment in their lives that changes their path instantaneously .. looking into a mirror at themselves and seeing what is truly looking back at them. Not what they have convinced themselves or anyone else they are, but deep down to the core of their soul honestly see themselves, as I did. Granted, it took the first third of my life to do this, and I was blown away. Almost angry, that it took me so long.

Now when I look in the mirror, catch of glimpse of my true self, I am content. I am who I am, in the form I was meant to flourish, in the time I was meant to experience. I am here for a reason, and although that has yet to be determined, I feel confident my feet are on the right path. I feel courageous, beautiful, and honest. I, am a mother, a daughter, a sister, an Aunt. This… is me.