Living the Luxurious Life

The sun rose this morning as it always does, slightly to right of my bedroom window, peeking through the curtains at my sleepy eyes. I woke up in a soft, cushy bed with too many blankets and too many pillows. As I lay there, turning my alarm to silent, draped in 3 dogs that look to me for love and comfort, I thank my maker for this beautiful morning, I am alive for yet another day.

To some, this is a normal routine. Waking up, getting the first cup of coffee, turning the shower on and standing in the pelting water, dancing to the lyrics in my head. But to others, this is a life of Luxury. A life of luxury that they do not have. Too many pillows, too many blankets while someone, last night, slept in a back alley somewhere, under a flimsy piece of cardboard.

To some, this is remarkable as they did not open their eyes this morning. Instead they meet their maker and not the rising sun.

To me, this is luxury. For the simple fact I know how easily all of this can be taken away, I know how lucky I am to be alive today. I have a place to call my own, and I have the two things that make my world go ’round.. Love and Food.

For all of the others, that aren’t as lucky to live such a lavish life filled with puppy hair and too many pillows, my heart is with you.

Where one sees luxury, the other sees life. Where one sees life, the other sees luxury.

We are lucky enough to be able to put these emotions into words and share them with the world, be humble. Life, is a luxury.


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Reflections- The Core of Who I Am

Everyday, at various times and locations, regardless of circumstance or surroundings, I have a moment. Sometimes it’s a profound moment of clarity, sometimes it’s the exact opposite leaving me giggling quietly to myself. Sometimes it happens when I am laying on my bed, on my back, wiggling my toes on my bed as my dog mimic’s me and I fall in love with her all over again. Sometimes it hits when I’m driving as fast as legally possible from work, putting as much distance between me and my stressor as possible, and the joke from an employee finally hits me, making me look like a mad woman as I laugh out loud, alone, in my car.

We all have these. Reflective thoughts, taking each and every moment for one more stroll through our minds before filing away. I just happen to cherish mine.

Life is crazy complicated with outside forces pulling us all apart in so many different directions. Remembering who you are, remembering to feel, occasionally need to be a conscious effort on our part when the risk is losing yourself in all of the chaos. Those very short, private moments we have to ourselves are the most valuable time any one person can have for their well being. Naturally family, work, friends, responsibilities are all components to our souls.. but so are we. Individually, alone, privately. I am the key to my health, happiness, and honor. No one can take that from me, I own this. I own me.

When you find yourself running to the restroom for a few moments of me time, or stepping out away from people for solitude, cherish that moment. Cherish the reflection that you will inevitably have, because after all, isn’t life a movie and those moments the edited scenes?

Much ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge- Cherry on Top

This week I am keeping it simple and natural. Without editing, without filters or touch ups.. just a moment in time where I bent down to blow the dandelion blooms from their attached root into mother nature.

Finding yourself at 34

A third of the way into my existence in this place we call life, I found myself. Honesty can be brutal. I was for the first time, looking at who I was through other people’s eyes. I saw my mistakes, my intentional missteps, my personality and my intelligence. I saw that I was no longer a “girl” in the sense of the word relating to wisdom, but now a woman. Unsure if this was a normal “milestone” we all walk through in life, I consider myself lucky. There are so many individuals, lost or lying to themselves, about life or love or who they are. I know, I was one.

Each and every relationship flashed through my eyes, each argument, each resolution. And I found I was wavering in my own happiness, but hell bent on others. I would give my soul to see the person I thought I loved happy, only to receive what they wanted to give me in return, not what I needed. This stunned me. I had been putting my heart and soul last, giving what I thought someone else needed first, and leaving me in their dust. On this relationship merry-go-round for 20 years, it was time to step off and find myself.

I have always identified as a mother, as someone’s child, sister, aunt. Someone’s girlfriend, but never just, Kali. I felt it was time to finally work on me, let myself shine so bright the sun turned green with envy. I made a promise to myself that this would be my time, and it has been. Have I been lonely? No. Shocking as that may be, I have never been happier.

So onto the next challenge, the next chapter, the next Friday night in instead of out. I have the confidence of a God, the drive of a work horse, and the touch of a butterfly. When it’s time to identify as anything other than, Kali.. I’ll know. But until then, it’s me and my dogs times three.

Much Love ❤

Love knows no bounds- a story of a girl and her best friend

Many, if not most people,  have had animals of all varieties at some point throughout our lives. I had several before this little girl. This is Layla, Lay-Lay, Bean, Get Your Ass Over Here, and we …

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Biggest Leap of my Life

I’ve always been one to play the game of Life in a pretty safe manner. Kept my Family close and my enemies closer. Then as the years are added to my biological age (not mental age for sure) t…

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Biggest Leap of my Life

I’ve always been one to play the game of Life in a pretty safe manner. Kept my Family close and my enemies closer. Then as the years are added to my biological age (not mental age for sure) the enemies were no more.. the friends, who needed friends like that anyway? But my family has and will always be a priority.

So I’m moving 3 states and 8 hours away from them. Alone, with just a teenager and three dogs. This I can do. I looked at where my son is heading, from being bullied to being the antagonist, from being a meek and mild individual to F*%# authority. And his friends line up behind him enforcing in his mind that he is doing the right thing.


I will not let my son follow in my footsteps. I have battled addiction,  heart break, the law, and my self for years. I will not sit back and watch him self destruct in the ways I did for the simple fact that our current hometown, there is nothing to do except the above. I am giving him a better start at life, and giving the next chapter of our lives a more lively, upbeat undertone with success weaved into the fibers of every step from here on out. .

And with this, my family will follow. Originally from VA Beach, after I am settled my family will follow suite. After being up here, in the north, for over 31 years, it’s time to go home. It’s time I pulled up my big girl panties and make the trek south to start over. Completely start over.

My family will always be in my heart, and most likely in my new spare room more often than not. But my heart.. my heart belongs to the south, and to the beach. My pent up free spirit feels the urge to spread her wings and fly.. and this time, I’m going to listen.

So.. I am packing my son, my fur babies, and my belongings into a U-Haul.. and making the biggest decision of my life. Failure is not an option.. but now happiness is.