Love knows no bounds- a story of a girl and her best friend

Many, if not most people,  have had animals of all varieties at some point throughout our lives. I had several before this little girl. This is Layla, Lay-Lay, Bean, Get Your Ass Over Here, and we can’t forget about Who the hell shit on my floor? She answers to anything that comes out of my mouth, not because she knows she’s being called for, but she is already under my feet. I always looked at people that babied and favored their pets over their children, family, and friends oddly. They were odd to me. Until I watched this little girl being brought into this world. I was there for her first steps, when she opened her eyes for the first time, the first time her tail wagged.

Keep in mind, I’m a mother to two beautiful boys, 14 & 7, and have cherished each and every moment with them to the overbearingly fullest. But this was different. Bean won’t grow up and move out, Bean won’t talk back to me.. scratch that she does do that. The words I am looking for- She will be there, unconditionally, and will always have me in her thoughts (even when she poops on the floor, I guarantee it). Being a single mother, the only people in this world that I have given my unwavering love to have been my children. You mean to tell me she will love She knows momma has a migraine 💜me just as much if not more than I love her? This was news to me.

She knows when I am not feeling well, when my RA acts up, or when I’m already pissy because everyone at work sucks. The moment she hears my car in the drive, she’s there at the door, waiting ever so impatiently, for me to come through that threshold. Not because I may have brought her something home, or because she needs something from me, but because she missed me. That to me, is love.

Apparently, caring for my heart the way she does took a slight toll on her, as she has been sporting a gray beard since she was 1. She is now 3. And each and every morning, I lift the bed covers, see her lips stuck to her teeth from snoring, watch her grunt and roll on her back, and back to sleep she goes.

So in loving my dog the way I do, my best friend, I have to wonder.. is that what real love between humans is supposed feel like? If so… I may just need to get another dog.

Lint Rolling the dog hair off of my pants as I finish expressing this, I realize.. I have so much love to give. And that, just may be the biggest gift our experience together, could give me. This girl is, for better or worse, my partner 

Thank you Bean. You are my girl.