Finding happiness in between the Moments *slightly provocative smiles*

In between the conference calls, the grocery store lists and the laundry mountains, moments are graciously bestowing themselves upon me.  My lips twitch, slowly curving in an upward motion similar to the Grinch when he planned to steal Christmas. My face starts to turn upward, my cheeks immediately bloom like roses. I can hear my pulse. The  feeling of my heart beating in between the fabric of my mismatched socks through my toes. Thump. Thump. The warmth of your hand as it grazes my chin, pulling my lips to yours.  And in this moment, I am happy.

Forgetting about the cold ocean breeze on my naked ankles, the sea gulls loudly whispering “Kiss the Girl” as they swirl and sway in the air above us. Noticing nothing other than the sound of my pulse. THUMP. THUMP. And this is when it happens.

I realize, that opportunities are given to us for so many reasons. Putting labels and expectations on these opportunities while recognizing their presence only  inhibits their ability to fully work their magic within us.

With this newfound freedom of my wild inner ability to recognize that you my dear, will not have a label. Your offer of happiness in this moment, at this time, promising that nothing else matters, has been accepted. No expectations, no labels, no heartbreak.

Just you and I in this moment, not thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.. just now here with you.

Slightly Provocative Smiles..


All you did was love someone..

“But truth is, all you did is love someone. That they are incapable is not a reflection of you.”

Thank you learningtolivelikewaterblog. This was a very profound statement to share with me during your own daily progression to love and wellness, and the appreciation goes so far.

We, as humanity, have so many obstacles in life to overcome to even begin the process of not only loving someone else, but ourselves as well. It took me 30 some years to learn to love myself, and during those years, the question “How can someone love me when I don’t even love myself” tip-toed through my head, casting doubt to their words of affection. Did they mean it? Probably. Did I believe them? No.

Until HIM. And just to say upfront, this being the first post about HIM and my struggles and realizations during the HIM time, I DESPISE the fact that my most personal, life changing and self growth moments are associated, with HIM.

In reading others’ struggles with relationships, and the damage that can be done, the love that can be lost, and the happiness that can someday seep back in, I found the strength to speak the words my heart has been holding hostage for over a year and half.


I too, will speak. When I lasso these words into realistic and understandable sentences, they will find their way into written words.

Here is where I start telling my story.

Until then,

Peace, Love and Chicken Wings.